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Aikido Finance

I am the CEO of Aikido Finance, a new startup with the mission of bringing quantitative investing to the everyday investor.

We recommend quantitative strategies that have outperformed the market over the last 70 years, and help our users build portfolios using these strategies

Investing Checklist

Having built accounting software at fintech giant Workday, and with a deep knowledge of finance - the logical next step was to create my own application.

I started my company Life Unlocked Ltd. in early 2019 when I developed and released the mobile application Investing Checklist. The application gives users a quantitative view of individual companies.

Freelance Software Developer

I worked as the lead full-stack developer with MedCred - a medtech startup. I built the application from the ground-up and brought it live at

I worked as a technical project manager with Turnkey Farming Solutions - an agtech startup which aims to bridge the gap between farmer and consumer.

The Van Conversion Course

I have partnered with Udemy in producing a 50-part series on converting a campervan. In 2019, I converted my own camper and now live in it full-time.

Ski Instructor

I am a CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructor's Alliance) ski instructor. I have taught many clients on a freelance basis.



Mountain guide - in training

I am in the early stages of becoming an ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) mountain guide.

I have led many multi-day mountaineering and ski-touring trips. Some famous ski tours which I have done are the Neve traverse and the Spearhead traverse in BC, Canada.

I have written many articles on my adventures for the Vancouver-based VOC alpine club.

Mountain leader - in training

The mountains are more tame in Ireland - hills really. But when in Ireland, I have slowly but surely been working towards obtaining my mountain leader certificate, which focuses heavily on orienteering.

Ski Instructor

I am a CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructor's Alliance) ski instructor. I completed my level 1 and 2 while living in Canada.

Downhill skateboarder

I race skateboards downhill. We reach speeds of up to 100km/hr. IT'S A LOT OF FUN

Other interesting tidbits...

I live full-time in my self-converted campervan. I ran the Art O'Neill Ultra Marathon at the age of 23.I am a lifeguard. I have complete avalanche safety training. I have completed crevasse rescue training. I have advanced wilderness first aid. I led a climb on Mt. Rainier, WA. I played table tennis for my university (not sure how adventurous that is...).

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